Up for the warrior challenge?
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Ready to enjoy luxury camping while getting the most exciting work-out of your life?
Hawaii Camping Adventures Warrior Camp is for extreme water enthusiasts who love to push themselves to the limit. You'll join your guides on adrenalin-pumping free dives to catch lobster and spear fish. Rugged terrain is our name, so be prepared to go on long walks and midnight swims. No wimps allowed as they say.

Hawaii Camping Adventures Warrior Camp is all-inclusive. We provide your tent, cot, Thermarest pad, sleeping bag, linens and pillow.

Gourmet meals are prepared to your preferences. From big burgers to lobster and crab on the beach, we make it all. You'll be expected to kill, clean and cook your catches. We'll provide all the fixin's.

Best of all, you don't have to bring any gear and we do all the hard work. We setup and take-down and make sure camp is secure against the elements. We cut Kiawi wood for our camp fire, so if you've got an arm to swing, you'll be asked to use i.

Love to boogie board? 
We've got one waiting for you.

Love to freedive? 
Top-of-the-line masks, snorkels and fins are provided so you're sure to have a good time in the water. 

Looking for the best fun in the sun?
We've got an itinerary packed with adventure waiting for you. We'll take you on guided day and night free dives, where you'll see amazing marine life and have a chance to spear fish and catch lobster (in season). 

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